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Why not achieve more with less effort?

"No Man is an Island"

What could we achieve if we used and shared each other's resources effectively?

Use these modules to explore and share your skills and experience with others.

Together develop teamwork to enable you to achieve more.

Develop your communication skills and build 'Pictures' to improve your memory recall.

The unique visible format of Managerie instantly attracts people's attention and curiosity.

The cards are displayed for ease of selection, racked in a clear topped box.

Every card refers to a different aspect of a subject.

What is hidden in the cards?

Relevant and focused questions, answers, and references covering the chosen subjects at an appropriate level.

What options are there?
Degree of difficulty
Practical or theoretical objectives
Opportunity to add comments
Can be modified to suit the user's needs
Can be upgraded and developed
Ability to communicate with Managerie

Have a look at our design service. All our products can be tailored to your needs.

Shown by category with the number of cards contained in standard version.

Category No.Category No.
Business Team Skills Acquisition 135First Aid at Work 500+
Rescue Services Mountain and Cave Rescue Casualty Care 330+ #Mountain and Cave Rescue Communications 150+
#Working with Helicopters 35+
Recreation Outdoor Adventure Series 500+ #First Aid for Outdoor Adventure100-500

# Product being developed. Please email for details.

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