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Managerie products have been designed to incorporate a facility for monitoring and evaluating changes in the understanding and development of those that participate in Management Development, Team Learning, and other related training.

Course participants and providers of training may feel that something more tangible than feeling good about what has been learnt or experienced would be of benefit. The Managerie Team Skills Acquisition Module provides a 'vehicle' which takes specific group and individual objectives through all stages of team learning, identifies, clarifies and formalises them, and then uses them to aid and continue progression so that the desired objectives are more able to be met. This process which is cyclic enables identification of successful learning which may be recorded and set to one side, whilst further objectives are considered and targeted.

A portfolio of successfully acquired concepts may be built up along with the means for re-addressing and revisiting them in "Real Time". An on-going reference of individual and group objectives, learning and action points, and concepts is built up and forms the matrix around which the Team Skills Acquisition Module can be developed. In this way, the specific needs of the user are addressed.

Evaluation and monitoring is by comparison of successive cycles in the learning process. Visual representations are available to demonstrate progression and regression, both of which are a reality of the learning process and everyday life. The representations are user friendly, do not require any special knowledge to be understood, and can be used as health checks.

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