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First Aid at Work Training Module

Do you have true confidence in your First Aid Skills?

This module will make it easy for you to regularly practice, review and develop true confidence in your First Aid Skills and prepare for the unexpected.

This training package will enable you to respond effectively.

This module contains easily identifiable topics which can be used as support materials for formal First Aid Training, and for revision and practice in order to maintain an appropriate level of effective response to the unexpected. They provide an invaluable resource for training at all levels of First Aid.

Each card deals with clearly identifiable aspects and contains specific references to a range of recognised First Aid and related texts.

The list below shows the range of categories currently available together with the number of cards in each category. New categories are being developed and the list is updated regularly. Please see our page on our design service because all our products can be customised to your needs.

Category No.Category No.Category No.
Spinal Injuries15 Splints6
Hypothermia21 Heat Stroke and Exhaustion6 Fainting6
Medical Conditions Heart & Stroke 15Medical Conditions Miscellaneous 18
Fractures General9 Fractures Limbs18 Fractures Trunk12
Head Injuries24 Unconsciousness6 Triage and Death6
Wounds and Bleeding18 Dressing Wounds9
Blood and Fluids12 Shock9 Crush Injuries6
First Aid Kit
Pain Relief12 Oxygen and Entonox12 Diving6
ABC21Recovery Position 9
CPR15Artificial Ventillation 6Drowning 9

*denotes additional sections available

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