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Our Objectives:


Managerie has developed an innovative range of training materials. We recognise the need to maintain simplicity and relevance so that users will be motivated to achieve their goals within the time constraints of business or other environments. We provide a support service to all our clients.

Our products are "Easy to Use" and "User Friendly"

Our products are designed to be used practically, and have different face designs and card background colour in order that they may be easily selected or separated. Graphic designs of our products can be tailored to the client's own designs by, for example, incorporating the Company or Organisation Logo.

How can you use our design services?

We can create products for you in a variety of ways if you can provide us with one or more of the following:

Our experience:

We will be quite open about areas where we do not have previous experience, and will do our best via our contacts with the University of Leeds and other sources to obtain relevant and appropriate advice.

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