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Steps Studio and the intellectual property owned by Managerie Training Systems is offered for sale

Only to established software publishers, email.

There are NO products for retail sale, please do NOT request any.

Steps Studio© is a knowledge management program. It is being developed to provide people, trainers and managers with the knowledge they need, when they need it. The "Need to know" and the "What, Why, When, etc., of what to do with it" are all highly relevant when providing an excellent service, whatever the job.

Most businesses never reach the extremes met in emergency response, but the critical factors and processes in emergency response are highly applicable to business. Steps Studio© attempts to meet the challenges found in the fast moving environment of emergency response and business.

An excellent software product should provide the following:

·        User friendly interfaces.

·        Step by step guides.

·        Examples for everything.

·        A help system that makes as few assumptions as possible.

Managerie is an innovative small business aiming to provide excellent products and a personal service and works to meet these objectives.


Steps Studio© will provide a means to make interactive knowledge maps. Users will be able to either interrogate the maps by selecting objects of interest, or respond to changes in maps. Objects on maps have properties and abilities to carry out actions. They use OPAL©- an Object Property and Action Library- developed by Managerie.  OPAL© gives the power to Steps Studio©.

Steps Studio© is intended to be available in various forms:

·The Steps II tools- as specific applications developed by Managerie – to include:

·Steps II Site Management ·Steps II Emergency Management ·Steps II Maintenance Management

·The Steps Studio© Editor - will enable users to design, develop and run their own applications.

·Steps Studio Editor

·The Steps Studio© Recorder- will enable applications to be played back, allowing reviews of, for example, an emergency response.

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